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Image ID: 3920405

Caption : GOA, 02/12/2004: The body of St. Francis Xavier lies in a silver casket as believers kiss his feet from outside the glass case on December 02, 2004, at the Basilica of Bom Jesus in Goa. St. Francis Xavier was a great Christian missionary who preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Asia. He died of fever on December 02, 1552, in China and was buried. A few months later, a Jesuit brother disinterred the body and discovered to his surprise that it had not decomposed. This was reported to the Vatican and the title of saint was conferred upon Xavier. The body was interred in a cemetery in Malacca for about two years before it was brought to its final resting place in Goa. Photo: Paul Noronha

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Photographer :Paul Noronha
Religion and Belief
Sub-Category: BELIEF

Creation Date: 2004-02-12
Image Size: 2100 x 1342 pixels
File Size: 409 KB

City :
State : GOA
Country :INDIA

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2017-11-25 11:07:45

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