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Image ID: 16130936

Caption : BANGALORE, 04/01/2008: MAHA Kailashagiri Kshetra, is on Bangalore-Chintamany Road, looks like any other rocky mountain from a distance. Thousands throng in to this man made cave temples every day. Soon it will be of tourist and pilgrims attraction. MAHA Kailashagiri is very near to Kaiwara, just 85 kms away from Bangalore . Work is still incomplete. Three caves are already carved in and Vallaba Ganapathy, Jagadambha and Chaturmuka Lingeshwara Swamy idols are installed in the caves. Work is in progress to complete 23 feet high rock cut linga (kept closed for the public right now), rock cut Prayer hall, every thing inside the mountain. It is expected to be complete in over two years. Vehicle arrangements made every day from Kishor Vidya Bhavan, Chintamany to this place and daily Anna Dhana is given to the public. Photo: K. Gopinathan 04/01/2008

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Photographer :K Gopinathan
Religion and Belief
Sub-Category: TEMPLE

Creation Date: 2008-01-04
Image Size: 3872 x 2592 pixels
File Size: 5 MB

Country :INDIA

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