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Image ID: 108686010

Caption : GUWAHATIó14-05-2009 (ASSAM LEMON) Assamese farmer Arun Nath inspecting the lemons in his lemon farm in Bongora village in the outskirts of Guwahati city on Thursday, May 14, 2009. Assam Lemon (Botanical Name -Citrus limon) is a major cultivated fruit crop of Assam occupying an area of 8,700 ha. Demand for lemon is increasing day by day as the hot summer season has started in Assam and other parts of northeast India. The fruits are oval and full of juice. It contain high percentage of Vitamin C (10 mg.) besides Vitamin B (0.02 mg.), Niacin (0.1) per 100 gm. Other uses are juices, pickles and squashes. The juice is good for digestive system and also is good for smoothness of the skin. It prevents many skin diseases and can gives relief from pain in joints, coughs, lever disorder and ear-ache. Lemon juice helps to control high blood pressure & beneficial in treating cataract. A delegation from Norway recently came to Assam for shopping lemons. Once the Assam lemons reach the Norwegian shore, they will be processed and the juice will be sold in European markets. PHOTO: RITU_RAJ_KONWAR

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Photographer :Ritu Raj Konwar
Economy Business and Finance

Creation Date: 2009-05-14
Image Size: 3000 x 1993 pixels
File Size: 1 MB

State : ASSAM
Country :INDIA

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